Jealous bloke asks bar to spy on his girlfriend on her mate’s hen do

But it doesn't go to plan!

A jealous guy who asked a bar to spy on his girlfriend has been shamed on Facebook. 

The anonymous bloke messaged Filthy’s, in Newcastle, England, to ask them to keep an eye on the hen do his lady was attending.

He also offered to pay them for their services. 

He wrote: ‘Hi, my girlfriend is headed with a hen party this weekend to Filthy’s.

‘I was wondering if I would be able to pay a staff member to keep an eye on her and make sure theres no men at their table etc. (sic)

‘I don’t want the staff member to let the group know they are watching though!’

But he was called out by the bar, in a post shared with their 8,500 followers.

They wrote: ‘For anybody else considering offering us cash to casually stalk their partners.. we are a bar, not private investigators / professional perverts.

‘We can however add some finishing touches to the reserved area such as personalised name cards & bubbly on arrival!’

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