Internet can’t decide which driver is at fault in this accident

No-one can agree!
Facebook / Dash Cam Owners Australia

People are having a difficult time seeing who is at fault in an accident that occurred in Sydney.

In a video shared by Dash Cam Owners Australia, footage shows the scene of a car crash as it unfolds.

A black Audi stops to give way to a blue car on its left, which slowly creeps out.

The black Audi stops the blue car from being able to see oncoming traffic and it ends up hitting the ute.

Facebook users were divided over who was at fault: the blue car for pulling out too quickly, or the ute for not braking fast enough.

“Ute was driving in right lane… Parked vehicle enters traffic without checking & turns right!.. Blue cars fault,” said one.

The Utes more than in its right to be driving there and at the speed he was too,” defended another.

What do you think?

Watch the video here.

(Credit: Facebook / Dash Cam Owners Australia)

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