Here’s exactly how to avoid weight gain during Christmas

It doesn't have to be so hard!
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The festive season can be a dangerous time for weight gain and unhealthy habits.

Every Christmas party involves a plate stuffed full of carbs and a dozen glasses of wine.

But there are actually ways you can still enjoy the frivolities of Christmas without piling on the weight.

According to Fitbit nutritionist Tracy Morris, it is absolutely okay to indulge and treat yourself.

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‘You don’t need to go into holiday hibernation, but you do need to learn to be discerning,’ Tracy explains.

‘Eat what you love, not what you like. Don’t say yes to something simply to be polite, it’s okay to pass on the creamy mashed potatoes if you know your favourite dessert is coming next.’

A common mistake people make during this season is heavily restricting diets – which can only lead to binging, Tracy warns.

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The best way to avoid feeling guilty and staying at a healthy weight is to have a goal of maintenance.

‘If you go into the Christmas season with the goal to maintain your weight, then you won’t arrive in the New Year with feelings of guilt and regret,’ Tracy adds.

‘Go back to an 80:20 balance of making healthy choices most of the time, drinking lots of water and finding time to be active.’

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