How this woman nearly ruined her boyfriend’s proposal

It was touch-and-go for a minute there!
Samantha Ward

Jorge Calado had been working on his elaborate marriage proposal to girlfriend, Sam Ward for almost a year, but in a couple of seconds she nearly ruined it!

The precision driver had decided to pop the question on the drive to Sam’s parents house for Christmas in the form of a personalised rap song.

As a song starts on the stereo, Jorge begins to rap. However Sam has no idea what is going on and is annoyed by the music and tries to turn it down!

Sam is unimpressed with the song at first
Sam looks at Jorge, not sure what he’s doing. (Credit: Samantha Ward)

Clearly annoyed, and worrying the noise would disturb their baby in the back seat, Sam calls Jorge a ‘f**king d***’ and tries to turn the dash camera off.

Thankfully he manages to get to the second verse, where it dawns on Sam that Jorge is singing about her, and she starts to cry.

car engagement rap
It dawns on Sam what Jorge is actually up to. (Credit: Samantha Ward)
jorge presents Sam with the ring
Jorge manages to finish his rap despite Sam’s interruptions. (Credit: Samantha Ward)

Soon the pair pull over, and Jorge kneels down behind the car and asks Sam if she would marry him.

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