How Maddie McCann’s parents reacted when they discovered she was missing

Witnesses recount what they saw that chilling night.
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Witnesses who were there on the night Madeleine McCann went missing describe how her parents reacted, a decade after she went missing.

Paul and Susan Moyes, who were staying a few floors above Gerry and Kate McCann at the time, opened up about that fateful night.

“[They] were in bits, he was crying on the shoulder of a friend,” Paul told The Sun. “She was screaming ‘the fucking bastards have taken her. There was no doubt about the emotion that night.”

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Paul and Susan were in their hotel room and were awoken when someone knocked on their door. They left their room immediately to help with the search.

“It was four in the morning before we got to bed. Stood about ten to six yards away that night was Kate McCann wailing and crying,” Paul said.

“My take on it, as I have said a million times, especially to the Met, I don’t know what happened… My wife is of a different opinion and feels it was an abduction.”

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