HELP: There’s a GOANNA on my BACK!

Reptile hitches ride on loyal pooch
Bev Stefanidakis/YouTube

Bella the staffy found herself in extremely close quarters with a goanna on Wednesday, when the reptile decided to hitch a ride on her back!

Bev Stefanidakis was working from home when she discovered an enormous goanna in her chicken coop, The Sunshine Coast Daily reported.

‘My staffy is always by my side, so she ran straight toward it.

‘She went to bite its tail and it jumped on her,’ Bev told The Sunshine Coast Daily

To Bev’s horror, the metre-and-a-half long reptile stuck its claws into Bella’s back and clung on.

‘I tried to get a stick to get it off her back – I was panicking but I had to keep her calm; I didn’t want her to get bitten or scratched.’

About to call her hubby, Bev realised that he may not believe her. So, she decided to make a video.

Finally, Bev managed to ditch Bella’s passenger and it ran off into the bush. 

‘My dog sat down and went a little closer so I could get every claw one by one,’ Bev told The Sunshine Coast Daily.

Bella was bathed in disinfectant and was checked over thoroughly.

‘I just want everyone to know that she is fine,’ Bev said. 

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