He scalped his girlfriend then told sentencing judge to skip ‘the lecture’ and ‘give me 20’

Abuser mouths off to judge at court.

A man who beat his girlfriend, scalped her, and set his dog on her has shown no remorse for his actions, telling the judge he doesn’t ‘need a lecture.’

Zachary Gross, 31, has been sentenced to 21 years in prison for first-degree assault of then girlfriend Marilyn Stanley, in 2015.

He is thought to have attacked Marilyn after going into a jealous rage inspired by a photo of Marilyn and her son on Facebook uploaded by another man. 

Prosecutors told the court that after the attack Gross told Marilyn: ‘Who’s going to want you now?’


Marilyn says she can’t believe how little he cares.

In the story posted to Marilyn’s GoFundMe page, friend Brittney Ann Burkhart detailed the horrific attack.

‘This demon of a man forced her to his bedroom where his pit bull  violently attacked her upon his command. As a result the dog took portions of her ears that would later have to be stitched back on, and to leave some missing.

‘As the dog was ripping in to her face and head, this man took something sharp cutting into her main artery and that wasn’t the worst of it, he cut into her scalp leaving her with 70% of her skull exposed.

‘He proceeded to ridicule her on the way she looked  after he had done this damage to her, putting her in front of the mirror and laughing, loaded her up in the car with Marilyn being in complete shock and scared for her life, only to drop her off a block from her house, where she walked to her front yard and fell to the ground.

‘By the grace of a higher power her older sister Ashley and Mother Linda found her and got an ambulance which took her to University of Cincinnati Hospital which was the nearest hospital that had the level of care that she required.’

Marilyn then endured three major surgeries to replace her scalp, but she will never be able to grown hair on the top of her head again.

Her ear was also permanently mutilated from the pit bull attack. The judge ordered that the dog be put down as part of the sentencing hearing.

Speaking to an interviewer outside the court, Marilyn says she can’t believe how little he cares about what he did.

‘In anything he has said throughout this entire process, he hasn’t had any remorse for me.’

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