Girl, 11, returns to school after giving birth to stepfather’s baby

Her baby boy was adopted.
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An 11-year-old Papua New Guinean schoolgirl is back at primary school after giving birth to her stepfather’s baby.

The girl had been raped by her stepfather and could not terminate her pregnancy because she was past the 20-week mark.

Femili PNG, a foundation that helps survivors of sexual violence, became involved and ensured the girl had prenatal scans, health care, counselling and was safe with her mother.

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Australian Federal Police sergeant Mandy Arnold, who worked on the case, confirmed the girl returned to school after she gave birth. The healthy baby boy was adopted.

“To see her in her school uniform on the first day back at school, to me that was so special,” Sgt Arnold said to Channel Seven.

The girl’s stepfather has since died in prison, meaning she won’t have to give evidence at trial.

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