Tattooist fulfils tragic young dad’s final wish

Kind-hearted doctors agreed to family's request

The family of a father-of-four left on life support after being hit by a car were determined to fulfil his final wish.

Daniel Kopa, 34, was rushed to Auckland Hospital last Tuesday after the accident left him fighting for his life.

Described as ‘hard-working’ and ‘incredible’ by friends, Daniel was part way through having a tattoo honouring his four children, Harper, five, Zoey, two, and twins Eden and Charli, eight months, inked on his chest.

His wife Calli and his family knew how important the tattoo was to him, so they called for tattooist Andre Garcia to add a footprint and the names of his youngest daughters to fulfil his last wish as he lay in hospital.

Daniel passed away on Thursday, but medical staff agreed to delay turning off life support until the drawing was completed.

Andre told the New Zealand Herald he hoped the tattoo, which he refused to accept payment for, would help the young family heal.

Friends of the family have set up a fundraising page for them. To donate visit

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