Elderly woman stops in the middle of the road to confront p-plater

But her reaction is not what you might think!
Dash Cam Owners Australia - Facebook

When a young driver in Tasmania saw an elderly woman get out of the car in front of him at a busy intersection, he naturally assumed something was wrong.

But she actually wanted to thank him for ‘not driving like a bloody hoon’.

The footage, which was shared on Dash Cam Owners Australia’s Facebook page, showed the woman getting out of her car and approaching the man behind her.

‘I see you’re on P-plates….I just wanted to commend you for the way you are driving,’ she can be heard saying.

‘Good on you, because there are so many morons either drunk or on drugs or off their face.’

Facebook users congratulated Josh for his good driving, but questioned the woman’s choice to stop in the middle of the road.

‘Wow, let’s commend the young man on his driving, while parking in the middle of the road. Do you think she see’s the irony here?’ one user wrote.

Meanwhile, others saw the lighter side.

‘If only more people blocked traffic to hand out ‘pupil of the week’ awards,’ someone quipped.

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