Disgusting picture of ‘medium-rare chicken strips’ blows up the internet

But is everything as it seems?

Aussie Facebook user Morgan Jane Gibbs got the last laugh when she posted this picture to her Facebook page:

Captioned ‘Just made chicken medium rare chicken strips. They’re so good can’t believe I’ve never tried it like this before. Can’t wait to dig into this with my homemade salad and veges. #healthy #newyearsresolution #clean #cleaneating’ it didn’t take long for the comments to pour in.

Most people understandably were concerned with the risk of contracting salmonella – to which Morgan replied ‘but it’s not salmon, it’s chicken’.

Others however saw the prank for what it was and replied in jest themselves, commenting that medium-rare chicken is the best!

The picture, however, is apparently legitimate. According to Daily Mail Australia it shows a picture of chicken tataki – a Japanese dish where chicken is seared quickly and then served raw.

Japanese chefs minimise the risk of food poisoning by raising chickens in an hygeinic environment and working with the freshest meat possible.

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