Horror as father allegedly beats 4-month-old child to death for being ‘fussy’

He has since been charged with murder.

A 30-year-old father has been charged with murder after allegedly beating his 4-month-old daughter to death.

It is believed he beat her because she would not stop crying.

Allegheny County Police said in a statement that the Pennsylvania father, named Joseph Gazzam was arrested and charged with homicide for recklessly endangering another person and endangering the welfare of a child.

Joseph Gazzam. (Credit: Allegheny County Police)

According to the police, emergency services first responded to the scene on Sunday when they received a 911 call discovering the unresponsive 4-month-old girl.

Victoria Gazzam was rushed to hospital but was sadly later pronounced dead.

Originally, the father allegedly told police that his daughter had fallen out of their bed.

An autopsy although revealed the baby had experienced bleeding inside the brain, a lacerated left kidney, a lacerated heart vessel, three fractured ribs, a liver contusion, bruises to the back and a haemorrhage behind her eyes, according to KDKA.

Investigators were allegedly told by the coroner that the 4 month old could not have received such injuries from falling two feet onto a carpet floor.

When police later brought the findings to light, Gazzam allegedly changed his story and confessed he had punched his daughter multiple times for being ‘fussy’.

Attorney Joseph Horowitz, a family friend who is speaking on behalf of the heartbroken family said to local station, WPXI the baby’s family have been left devastated.  

Horowitz was reported to have said: ‘[Gazzam] just snapped, He seemed like a good dad who cared about his baby.’

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