Bus driver pulls over to offer woman a hug and saves her life

He’s been called a hero.

A quick-thinking bus driver made the life-changing decision to pull over and talk to a woman he saw standing on the edge of a bridge.

Damone Hudson drives a bus in Ohio, USA, and noticed the woman standing on the other side of the safety rail.

Pulling over and stepping out of the bus he asks her to come back to safety. When she doesn’t move he steps closer and asks her a question.

‘Ma’am, you look like you’re having a bad day, you know. Can I give you a hug?’

Hudson stayed and talked with the woman until police arrived and took over, and then the compassionate bus-driver continued with his route.

Speaking about the experience later with WHIO he explains why he decided to stop.

‘I know that every person’s struggle is different and everybody’s going through something, but you always want to continue,’ he said.

Damone 'D' Hudson hailed a hero.
Damone ‘D’ Hudson has been hailed a hero.

‘Life is a roller coaster, right? You to up, you’re going to come down. But you’ve got to think ‘I’m going back up’ and hopefully it’s going up for her now.’

Hudson’s boss has praised the bus-driver, telling FOX 45 that he’s one of their very best and they couldn’t be prouder of his actions.

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