Expensive back-to-school demand enrages mother

It's all too much for one mother!
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Most parents will understand the pain of back-to-school shopping – it’s expensive and time consuming. One mother has been left particularly heartbroken after being forced to shell out over $500 in school supplies after her child’s school sent her a very price ‘requirement.’ 

Ursula, a mother-of-three, was trying to cut back on her household expenses after a particularly expensive Christmas period. She was left shocked and confused when her child’s school sent a letter claiming that an iPad was a school ‘requirement’.

The outraged mother told Mamamia, ‘I’m sitting here and thinking, ‘How am I going to scrounge together $500 to pay for this iPad?’’

‘And that’s not including the cover and the screen protector.’ 

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Ursula’s son is only eight, and the mother expresses her concern of letting such a young child carry such an expensive piece of equipment to and from school everyday. 

Look, I fully support the importance of technology in learning, but my concern is not just buying the iPad – I mean, yes, that is the first part – but it’s also that I’m giving it to an eight-year-old boy who I know, sooner or later, will probably bust it.’ 

‘And then I’m going to have to buy another one,’ she added. 

To add to the absurdity of the situation, the school claimed the iPad needed to be the newest and most updated version in order for it to work with the school’s apps. 

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