Teenage daughter ‘free to a good home’

Aussie mum tries to sell her 'hormonal' teenage daughter on Facebook!

A Perth mum became so frustrated with her ‘rude and ungrateful’ teenage daughter, she offered her out on Facebook ‘free to a good home’.

Sandra Jones, 40, took to the community page Perth Have a Whinge to vent about her 15-year-old daughter.

‘I no longer want it. It’s rude, abrupt, ungrateful and quite nasty. I’ve decided to get a puppy instead so the hormonal monster that is currently residing in my house is free to a good home,’ wrote Sandra.

‘It is litter trained (mostly), comes with all its belongings, (it may take a few days for you to find them spread throughout the house), has a part-time job, (which it insisted on getting, yet carries on like a trapped ferret every time it has to go), is quite intelligent and does excel at school (when the mood takes it to try), is definitely not house trained.’

Sandra added that anyone interested could private message her.

In the witty post, Sandra also offered out her teenage son.

‘Can also come with an 18-year-old male that refuses to pay board and now owes me $680,’ she said.

The exasperated mum did make it clear that her post was a joke, adding that she loves her daughter ‘unconditionally’.

‘On a side note, before you all jump on your high horse, this is tongue in cheek, plus, my real horse is higher,’ said Sandra.

Her honesty must have resonated with the people of Perth as her post was flooded with over 400 comments from people who sympathised with her pain.  

Speaking to radio station Radio 6PR, Sandra said she couldn’t believe how many people had responded to her pretend advert.

‘I didn’t do it to get a popularity vote. I did it because I felt for other parents,’ said Sandra.

‘I do love my daughter unconditionally. I would just trade her for a monkey occasionally!’

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