Neglected Persian cat rescued from basement trapped under KILOS of matted fur

Sinbad has had an incredible transformation!

When animal rescue were contacted by a tradie saying he’d found a neglected cat in a basement they did not expect what they found.

Sinbad, the 7-year-old Persian cat, had been living in the basement of this house completely neglected by his owner who had been unable to look after him.

Persian cats have long fluffy coats and require regular brushing and grooming to prevent matting. Without this care, Sinbad’s coat had tangled into a messy, dirty mass of hair weighing 2.5 kilos!

With the owner’s permission, Sinbad was taken in by the Anti-Cruelty Society who – with the help of anaesthetics – shaved away Sinbad’s fur.

Underneath they found a severely malnourished cat. The weight of the matted fur had caused him to lose the use of his back legs, and they were weak.

With careful love and care, Sinbad is now happily recovered, can walk on his own, and is growing his luscious long coat back.

He’s even found a forever home with Elliot Serrano – who works at the animal shelter that helped save Sinbad, and has wasted no time sharing this cheeky kitty’s progress on social media.

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