Abused pup has an incredible reaction to being patted for the first time

He had never been so gently handled before.
Monica Mitreanu

Huddled in the corner of this Romanian animal shelter, this dog cowers as a woman approaches. But she isn’t there to hurt the pooch, called Kayne, she’s rescuing him from the shelter where he would certainly have been put down.

It’s immediately clear that the poor dog is terrified – he cowers and screeches expecting Monica to hurt him. What happens next will bring a tear to your eye.

As Monica reaches out, Kayne tries to scurry away but ends up with his face on Monica’s knee. She gently strokes his face, smooths gunk out of his eyes, and talks to him with a gentle, reassuring voice until he calms down.

For Kayne, this story has a happy ending. After being taken from the animal shelter he found a forever home in the UK. His transformation is incredible!

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