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Woman wants to try formula feeding her newborn, but her husband won’t allow it

Should the dad have a say in breasfeeding? Or is it the mother's choice?
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A new mother has vented about a disagreement she’s having with her husband about whether to breastfeed or formula feed their child.

The unnamed mum posted on Mumsnet asking for advice after she suggested she switch her five-week-old baby to formula.

I think she might not be getting enough from me as she needs near constant feeds. I would like to top her up with formula as I literally do nothing all day/night but feed her,’ she wrote in the post.

‘I tried to speak to OH about this and he said that he doesn’t want her on formula. He said that I am making enough milk because she is gaining weight. I don’t think she is gaining it fast enough though which worries me.’

She also said that she felt she had lost her zest for life because she spent all her time feeding, and resented her husband for being able to come and go ‘without a baby attached to him.’

Other mums were quick to speak in support of the frustrated woman.

‘You’re not being unreasonable at all. Your (husband) isn’t the one having to feed all hours off day and having a baby attached to him,’ one user wrote.

‘They are your boobs and therefore it’s your choice and no one else’s,’ said another.

So what do you think? Does a father have a say? Or is it a mother’s right to decide? 

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