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Girlfriend of electrocuted tradie finds something incredible in his wallet

She'd just been to identify his body when she discovered it

The girlfriend of a tradie who died after being electrocuted in a workplace accident has described how she found a secret reciept for an engagement ring in his wallet. 

Jaime-Lee Digby had just identified Luke Bray’s body in the morgue when she made the discovery.

Taking to Instagram, Jaime-Lee explained the bittersweet story. 

‘When it came time to identify his body and collect his belongings I was made aware of something incredibly special inside his wallet. In his wallet was a receipt for a beautiful cushion cut Halo engagement ring,’ she wrote.

She put up the post as part of a competition in which she hopes to win the ring Luke put down a payment for.

‘We had always spoken about the day that we were to meet each other at the aisle and I would like nothing more than to fulfill his dream,’ she explained. ‘Winning this competition would complete me and our aspirations of becoming engaged as he was so desperate and worked so hard to make it happen.’

Luke Bray, 24, was electrocuted in February while working in the roof of a home in Carlton, in Sydney, NSW, leaving Jaime-Lee heartbroken.

Speaking to the media, she said, ‘No person should go to work one day and not make it home alive by the evening.’   

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