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Married to me, engaged to my BEST MATE– how could he?


Krissie Stride, 22, gave her friend a place to stay – and lost her husband.

Here, Krissie, tells the story in her own words.

Carefully applying the finishing touches to my make-up, I took a long look in the mirror.

‘Here goes,’ I said to myself, pulling on my coat.

I’d been chatting to Calum, 21, online and we’d finally agreed to meet face to face in April 2016.

When I spotted him for the first time, I couldn’t help but smile. He was gorgeous!

But in addition to his good looks, Calum was sweet and romantic.

After just a few weeks, he told me that he loved me.

It was fast – but it felt completely right. ‘I love you too,’ I grinned.

Calum and I had a whirlwind romance
Calum and I had a whirlwind romance

After that, we were inseparable.

Then one day we were on a long country walk.

‘I’ve never felt like this about anyone before,’ Calum said. ‘What would you say if I asked you to marry me?’ ‘I’d probably say yes,’ I blushed. ‘Let’s do it then,’ Calum said. ‘Let’s get married!’

It was a whirlwind romance and just four months after we first met, we got hitched. I felt on top of the world.

Then in June 2017 I met Beth, 21, when she started working in the same bar as me. We quickly became firm friends and she’d stay at our house regularly.

Best of all, she got along really well with Calum so it meant we could all hang out together.

‘You guys are so lucky to have each other,’ she said as Calum and I cuddled up to watch TV.

Then a month later, Beth came to me worried.

‘There’s a big damp problem at my flat,’ she said. ‘I need to move out while they fix it.’ ‘Where will you go?’ I asked. ‘That’s the thing,’ she said. ‘I’ve got nowhere to stay.’

‘You’ll stay with us,’ I told her. ‘We can sit up late and chat, it’ll be fun.’

I met Calum on Tinder
I met Calum on Tinder

Calum agreed that she could stay on our couch as long as she needed to.

But while the first week was great, the novelty soon wore off.

One night, I came home from work feeling tired to find Calum and Beth with their heads together, watching something on Calum’s phone.

Neither of them looked up when I walked in, and I stood awkwardly in the doorway for a few seconds until Calum jumped.

‘Hello you,’ he said, his face blushing red. ‘How was work?’ ‘Fine thank you,’ I snapped, before turning and going upstairs.

I expected Calum to sense that I was annoyed and follow me, but he just stayed downstairs with Beth until the early hours of the morning.

I hoped it was a one-off, but from then on, I’d often walk in on the two of them in hysterics, only for it to fall quiet when I joined in.

Although I questioned Calum about it, he insisted they were just friends and Beth laughed if I ever said anything to her.

‘Don’t be silly,’ she said. ‘You and Calum are married.’

Calum and Beth
Calum and Beth

But one evening, when Beth had been living with us a month, Calum came up to me.

‘Krissie, we need to talk,’ he said.

‘What’s up?’ I mumbled, not looking up from my phone.

‘I’m leaving you,’ he announced. My head snapped up. I hoped I’d misheard, but then I noticed a bag sitting near the front door.

‘I don’t love you anymore,’ he said. And with that, he turned and walked out of my life. I was devastated.

Luckily, Beth was a shoulder to cry on.

‘I’m sure you guys can work it out,’ she soothed. ‘Give him some space, he’ll come back.’

A week later, she announced her flat was ready to move back into. ‘I’ll still see you loads,’ she promised. I had a niggling feeling she wasn’t being genuine though.

Checking Facebook, my worst fears were confirmed.

Beth and Calum had announced they were in a relationship. The rats! I thought.

I was heartbroken – Beth had moved into my house and in on my husband!

Pregnant Beth with Calum
Pregnant Beth with Calum

Fuming, I messaged her to ask if it was true.

Yes I’m with Calum, she wrote. I didn’t want to tell you because I don’t want us to fall out but I can’t help the way I feel about him and the way he feels about me. I hope we can still remain friends. I felt bile rise in my throat. Good luck with that, I wrote back.

Now Calum and Beth are engaged, despite the fact that Calum and I are yet to get a divorce. I know I’m better off without them both and I’m moving on. But I’ll think twice before helping out a mate in future.

I still can’t believe I invited my best friend into my home – and she left with my husband!

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