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Will Ivan Milat make a deathbed confession? Backpacker killer may be responsible for a DOZEN unsolved murders

He was jailed for murdering seven backpackers.

Police hope a dying Ivan Milat will make a deathbed confession and confirm suspicions the notorious backpacker killer buried more victims in Belanglo.

The 74-year-old has been diagnosed with terminal oesophagus and will likely spend his last days chained to a bed in a hospital at Long Bay prison.

Detectives have always believed Milat had an accomplice when he brutally murdered seven backpackers and buried their bodies in Belanglo State Forest between 1989 and 1993.

They also suspect the dying serial killer had many more victims during his brutal killing spree and he has been linked to a dozen unsolved murders since 1971.

Milat’s work as a truck driver took him across state lines, meaning his murderous trail of blood could be splattered all over Australia. 

‘He was obnoxious and ­arrogant and always liked to be in control, all the traits of a serial killer,’ former chief ­inspector Bob Godden, who led the backpacker task force, told The Daily Telegraph.

‘I would appeal to him to come clean about other murders he is suspected of doing so the relatives of those people have closure.’

Milat was jailed for the murders of seven backpackers but the presiding judge during his trial stood firm that the former truck driver did not act alone.

‘It was inevitable (he) was not alone,’ Justice David Hunt said during his 1996 trial.

Milat’s former lawyer John Marsdon revealed even he believed the killer’s late sister Shirley Soire may have been involved in the murders. 

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