True Crime

BUSTED BY A BIRD: How a courageous pet COCKATOO solved a murder

The brave bird swooped in to save the day...

Cockatoos are known to be loyal pets and that was certainly true in the case of Bird, Kevin Butler’s white-crested cockatoo.

Named after Larry Bird, a basketball legend, Bird and Kevin, 48, had developed a strong bond during the two years they’d been together.

So when Kevin needed him, Bird didn’t disappoint.

Kevin ran a swimming pool business and when disgruntled employee Daniel Torres, 30, attacked Kevin in his home, Bird flew into a rage and swooped.

As Torres stabbed Kevin, Bird bit the attacker on the head, drawing blood.

That’s when Torres stabbed Bird with a fork.

Tragically, both Kevin and Bird died as a result of the violence, but as Torres wiped the blood from his scalp and touched a light switch, he left behind vital DNA evidence.

Police also discovered Torres’ blood under the beak of Bird.

It was enough for a jury to find Daniel Torres guilty of murder.

Thanks to Bird’s bravery, the killer was sentenced to life in prison.

‘Bird died valiantly,’ Prosecutor George West said. ‘There were feathers scattered through the house, and he put up a fight, no doubt about that. Kevin’s family and co-workers have told me that you didn’t mess with Kevin while that bird was around.’

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