Five spooky stories you shouldn’t read before bedtime.

These true tales will give you the creeps!


Guldjin Miller, 44, from Perth, WA has a very unusual talent.

While some people’s coffee just wakes them up in the morning, hers predicts the future!

Turkish coffee reading is a family tradition that has been in her family for generations.

Guldjin asks the person to drink a Turkish coffee – made of very fine ground powder – from a white espresso cup.

Once they’ve finished, she tips the cup upside down, so that any thick coffee left at the bottom drips out.

Then she closely examines the patterns of coffee residue left in the cup.

She’s predicted pregnancies and promotions and tragically, she even predicted a fatal car crash.

She hopes to pass the skill onto her children so that a new generation can continue to uncover the secrets hidden in people’s daily grinds.

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Leesa Stewart, 49, from Pambula Beach, NSW was 20-years-old when she took a room in a hundred year old house.

The night she moved in, her new housemates told her about the man that used to live in the house.

‘Percy Grainger, the famous pianist and composer, lived here in his childhood,’ said one. ‘He was renowned for being very kinky!’

She would often hear beautiful classical music playing in the middle

of the night, followed by footsteps walking up and down the hallway.

One Friday night as she got out of the shower, Leesa heard footsteps outside the door.

Suddenly, the bathroom door opened and a cold chill filled the air.

Terrified, she covered herself with a towel and ran down the hall to her bedroom.

When Leesa looked back she could see the silhouette of a man with a hat looking back at her through a glass door.

Leesa is convinced that she was visited by the amorous ghost of Percy Grainger!



Brook Settle, 13, from Auckland, NZ was posing on the edge of a fountain with her sister Jordan, then six, grinning for the camera while their dad, Steve, 40, snapped a photo.

The area was deserted so Steve had taken the chance to get a photo of them while no-one was around.

At home a few days later, he downloaded the latest photos from his camera onto the computer.

Gathering around the screen, the family couldn’t believe their eyes.

In the first picture, Jordan and Brooke were looking into the camera.

Behind them there were at least eight outlines of what looked like people standing on the edge of the fountain.

There definitely hadn’t been anyone around when Steve had taken that picture.

Some of the outlines looked like kids – but one shape was scarier than the others.

It looked like a man in olden day dress wearing a white shirt and black braces.

Even more alarming, his head was missing!

The only conclusion the family could come to was that there were ghosts photo bombing their pic!

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As a child, Kerrie Erwin spent many nights cowering under her doona, hiding from the ghostly figure of a man who’d appear at her bedside.

She could see him so clearly but if she reached out, her hand would pass through him.

As she got older she realised that what she was actually seeing was a spirit.

She discovered that not only could she see the ghosts of people that had passed, but she could predict the future as well.

She began to use her talents to help people who had passed to connect with their living relatives.

Years ago, she was visited by a little girl who wouldn’t stop singing Kylie Minogue songs.

‘My mummy’s going to phone you,’ she told Kerrie.

Two days later she received a call from her mother who burst into tears when she heard her daughter had already been in contact.


Jess Trognot, 32, from Parramatta, NSW is a member of a team of investigators called Ghost Hunters Down Under.

She and her crew lead ghost tours and do private investigations into spooky situations.

In their investigations, they’ve come across a little girl who died in a pub fire hundreds of years ago, floating heads in a graveyard and even a few romantic spooks canoodling on a headstone which you can see in the photo.

Using cameras, EVP recorders, night-vision goggles and other equipment, they capture evidence of ghosts and advise people on how to deal with them.

So if you have ghost trouble, you know who to call!

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