Woman lived in SAME house for 90 years

Her folks bought it in 1927!
7 News

The time has come for May Bartlett, 97, to sell her Rozelle cottage that she has lived in for 90 years.

When she was seven, May moved in to the single-floor Callan Street house in Sydney and has never left.

Raising her own children there, May recalls the amazing changes in the area over the last 9 decades.

‘We had no street when I moved there in ’27, we only had rubble,’ she told 7 News.

‘I still have the scars on my knees from falling on that rubble.’

house in rozelle may bartlett lived with her family in 1927
May moved in to the house in 1927, aged 7. (Credit: May Bartlett)

Now, May will be moving out of the house to go into fill time care, and is putting the beloved house on the market where it is expected to sell for over $1 million.

‘I hope it’s a young couple, there’s two lovely bedrooms for children,’ she said.

may bartlett
May Bartlett lived in the same house for 90 years. (Credit: 7 News)

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