Woman arrested for beheading boyfriend

After asking police, 'let me get my heads.'
Mercer County Jail

A US woman has been arrested for beheading her boyfriend before telling police, ‘You have to let me get my heads,’ the New York Post reports. 

A West Virginia judge has claimed further assessment is needed to evaluate the mental capacity of Roena Cheryle Mills, the woman charged with second degree murder of her boyfriend, Bo Allen White, WVNS reports. 

According to Mercer County court documents, obtained by the news station, Mills was found covered in blood while wearing a glove on her left hand when local police responded to reports of a disturbance. 

Reportedly using a fake name, Mills, 41, told responding police that she was cut and left bleeding after being thrown through a glass door. According to reports, Mills then became aggressive towards police, and was placed under arrest. 

Once inside the police car, Mills reportedly said: ‘You have to take me back and let me get my heads.’

Roena Cheryle Mills
(Credit: Mercer County Jail)

Later, police were informed of a decapitated head. A different, unidentified part of his body was also found where Mills was arrested, WVNS reports.

Mercer County Prosecuting Attorney George Sitler claims the killing was a ‘decapitation homicide.’ 

A mental status evaluation will be conducted to determine if Mills is fit to face court. 

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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