This Aussie couple are raising their daughter underground

Their unconventional home will surprise you!
Jane Henderson

An Australian couple who are raising their daughter underground have explained the reason behind their unconventional home.

Chris and Jane Henderson first met when they were living in the UK. But it wasn’t until Chris landed a job in the Australian outback years later that their paths crossed once again.

Employed in the rural town of White Cliffs, Chris invited Jane to come and stay in the underground motel where he lived and worked. Blown away by the suburb’s simplicity and friendly locals, Jane is still there more than seven years later.

(Credit: Jane Henderson)

Together, the pair are raising their daughter, Ellie, in their underground home – a converted mine shaft also known as a dugout – which set the couple back just $75,000.

With the next town more than 300 kilometres away, White Cliffs is home to just a few local amenities, including a pub, a primary school and a general store, as well as the underground motel.

The family home (Credit: Jane Henderson)

‘People often ask what we do for fun,’ Jane said. ‘But the truth is, there’s so  much going on.’ On weekends, Chris loves having a barbecue with his mates, while I catch up with friends at the local pool.

While Jane admits living undergrond may not be for everyone, she says she wouldn’t change it for the world.

The living room (Credit: Jane Henderson)

You can find the rest of Jane’s story in Issue 2 of That’s Life!

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