Vegan blogger who claimed she cured her cancer dies

Her niece is blaming a carer who forced-fed her meat.

The YouTube star who claimed veganism and praying cured her breast cancer has died of the disease.

Mari Lopez, who was known for blogging alongside her niece Liz Johnson as Liz & Marie, has passed away from cancer.

Their YouTube channel, which had close to 12,000 subscribers, saw the duo post videos that promoted a vegan lifestyle. 

In one particular video, titled ‘Cancer Transformation FAQ’, Mari says: ‘The lemon-ginger blast helped me remove inflammation from my body, but that she did suffer ‘food withdrawals’ when completing a 90-day juice cleanse.  

Liz seems to strongly imply that veganism, juicing and prayer could have saved her aunt – despite the disease spreading to her blood, liver and lungs – if she hadn’t given to her carer’s wish to supplement her diet. 

Mari Lopez (l) with her niece Liz Johnson (Credit: YouTube)

Speaking to Babe, Liz appears to suggest that her own mother is partially responsible for Mari’s relapse as she fed her meat and exposed her to the microwave. 

There is no scientific evidence whatsoever to support Liz’s claims.

‘Mari was living with my mum, my mum started to tell her that she needed to eat meat now,’ Liz told the site last week. ‘My mum would buy her burgers and things like that, and she didn’t want to eat that but after a while she just was just OK with it.

‘When you give in too many times, you just end up saying whatever. I feel like that’s what caused the issues.’

She added: ‘My aunt was very against the microwave because of cancer-causing issues with that, and my mum would cook her things using the microwave.’ 

Mari also revealed that she completely skipped cancer treatment as recommended by her doctors. 

‘It’s my choice, I’ve been okay, I haven’t died, I haven’t gotten to the hospital…I am going to continue on this path of going natural,’ Mari said at the time, ‘It’s over, it is done with, I am healed. I feel it in my spirit and in my body.’

Videos promoting Mari’s failed diet still remain online, and Liz has reportedly refused to take them down.  

Our condolences go to Mari’s family and friends. 

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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