Top five true crime podcasts to BINGE in 2019

We can't get enough!
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Love true crime podcasts? So do we! To save you time, we’ve put together our top five.

1. The Claremont Killings

The Claremont Serial Killings, hosted by The West Australian’s veteran crime and investigative reporter Gary Adshead, delves into the shocking murders of three young women from the well-to-do Perth suburb of Claremont in 1996 and 1997. Sarah Spiers, 18, disappeared after calling a taxi. A few months later Jane Rimmer, 23, disappeared, and her body was found weeks later. Then, 27-year-old Ciara Glennon was taken and killed. Three young women, all missing from the same place, all the victims of a serial killer stalking the quiet streets. It’s Australia’s longest running murder investigation. And, amazingly, accused murdered Bradley Edwards is due to stand trial in July.

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Claremont Serial Killings

2. How I Survived

From escaping the clutches of a serial killer to copping five bullets to the head and living to tell the tale, How I Survived tells the stories of everyday people who’ve pulled through against the odds. Prepared to be gripped by these amazing first-hand accounts from survivors who have faced the unimaginable and escaped with their lives. One incredible woman interviewed on the podcast even escaped from the clutches of the world’s worst serial killer, Ted Bundy. 

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Gripping new podcast How I Survived

3. New Idea Investigates

Prepare for heart-stopping intrigue as New Idea investigates the true crimes that captivated the nation – like Patricia Schmidt or Suzie, as she was affectionately known who vanished after her shift at Burger King in 1971. In each episode, the team busts open the cold case files to explore what really happened in some of Australia’s most famous crimes, speaking to victims’ families and detectives to uncover the facts that have never been reported – until now.

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New Idea Investigates

4. Unravel – Last Seen Katoomba

On her 18th birthday, single mum-of-two Belinda Peisley inherited a large sum of money from a relative and bought a house in Katoomba – a sleepy town in the Blue Mountains. Within a year, she had disappeared. Reporter and host, Gina McKeon uncovers a dark underbelly of drugs and violence, and a culture of fear and intimidation that still exists in the town. Twenty years on, some are still too scared to speak about Belinda’s case…

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5. Over My Dead Body

In Tally the first season of Over My Dead Body, Dan and Wendi are two good-looking attorneys whose wedding is featured in the New York Times. But when this ‘perfect’ couple falls apart, it leads to a bad breakup, a worse divorce, and a murder case. From the team that brought you the Dirty John podcast, you know this is going to be worth a listen!

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Over My Dead Body

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