Thugs smash baby’s pram while stealing nappy bag

They reached out of their car and yanked the bag across the car park
Steph Stewart Facebook

An Aussie mum has spoken out after thugs snatched a nappy bag from the back of her baby’s pram, causing it to smash into pylon.

Stephanie Stewart, 27, revealed that she took her three-month old little girl, Evelyn, out of the pram just moments before the terrifying incident.

Stephanie with her bub Evelyn. (Credit: Steph Stewart Facebook)

The shaken mum told the Canberra Times that she was putting Evelyn in the car in the underground car park at the Riverside Plaza, Queanbeyan, at 3:45pm on Saturday.

A car approached her and someone in the front passenger seat grabbed the nappy bag, which was looped over the pam’s handles.

When the car drove off, the bag stayed attached to the pram, causing it to be pulled along with car before hitting a concrete pylon.

The horrified mum watched on helplessly as the thieved revved their engine until the bag broke free, leaving behind the buckled pram.

The contents of the torn bag flew across the car park as the thieves escaped with an almost empty bag.

Even though Evelyn was safely in her mum’s arms, Stephanie says her first thought was for her baby girl.

‘As a mum you still freak out the baby’s still in there even if she’s still in your arms,’ she told the newspaper.

‘I don’t think they cared whether she was in there or not,’ she added.

In shock and wanting to warn others, Stephanie took to Facebook to share her story.

Police have urged anyone with any information relating to the incident to contact Queanbeyan Police or Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.

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