This ‘homeless man’ is really a Hollywood star

You won't be able to guess who is behind this character.

They are age 47, Australian, have won two Oscars and have appeared in many movies, as many different characters.

It’s a far cry from this star’s usual look. Did you guess who it is? 

In fact, the ‘homeless man’ character from Manifesto is just one of 13 the star plays in the movie.  Other characters include a teacher, a stockbroker, a puppeteer, a news reader and a scientist.  

See for yourself here:

Thanks to an array of fake teeth, prosthetics, wigs and gory make-up Cate Blanchett is barely recognisable in many of the characters in the movie, if you can call it a movie. It is really a film version of a video installation where 48-year-old Blanchett delivers a monologue for each of the characters. 

Earlier this month Blanchett was listed as a nominee for a Tony Award for excellence in live Broadway theatre. The stylish actress already has two Oscars, three BAFTAs and three Golden Globes. The Tony Awards will be held on June 11.


Manifesto made a world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and the reviews are calling is a genius acting showcase. RollingStone said Blanchett added a human element to the roles. “She can turn anything into art.” While Entertainment Weekly calls the movie itself disjointed they said Blanchett was ‘totally fearless in every incarnation’.

This article first published on Starts at 60.

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