Why you should always put your suitcase in the hotel bath tub

It's actually a really clever way to make sure your holiday isn't ruined

Experts have told The Sun that as soon as you get to your room for the first time you should place your luggage in the bath tub.

Their reasoning is that the insects prefer dark crevices so they’re unlikely to find a good hiding spot in the bathroom. They advise that your leave your suitcase in there while you check the rest of the room for the critters, so there’s no risk you’ll take them with you should they be present.

When it comes to searching for bed bugs use the flashlight on your phone to look for small pepper-like poos, brown smears or blood on the mattress, bed frame, skirting boards and behind the bed side table. It’s unlikely you’ll see the actual bed bugs as they’re pretty quick but here are some squirm-inducing images you should be interested…

It hardly needs to be said but should you find any evidence of bed bugs tell the front desk immediately.

This article originally appeared on Better Homes and Gardens.

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