Photographer captures stunning water birth photo

But it created quite a stir on Instagram.

Photographer Marijke Thoen captured the very precious moment a newborn baby met its sibling for the first time.

The bub was born via a water birth inside a glass-bottomed bath while his big sister watched in awe during the incredible moment. 

‘I absolutely love this shot from yesterday’s water birth I photographed,’ Thoen wrote on Instagram, before the picture was deleted. ‘Big sister meets baby brother.’

Despite the image being removed three times from her page because of Instagram’s censorship policy, the photographer re-shared it from a Belgian Newspaper.

Removed from my @instagram for the third time .. but published in a Belgian Newspaper in the mean time .. #stopcensoringbirth#stopcensoringmotherhood#birthisbeautiful #birthwithoutfear#birthphotography #marijkethoen#keepreposting,’ she wrote alongside the image.

Dozens of fans of the photo showed their support for Thoen on social media.

This is one of my most favourite images I think I have ever seen. It’s life and it’s beautiful,’ wrote one.

Another shared: ‘I just LOVE this picture. It is amazing.’

While another said: ‘I shared this and it was removed..I think this would be considered art…so that doesn’t go against their terms. I have a few art pieces showing the nude figure and they have never been removed or reported. Really crazy. Is someone going around reporting it whenever it’s shared… I don’t know how it works but I think at this point I would make a complaint (if you can) and state that it’s art.’

Thoen thanked her fans for their kind words.

‘Thank you for supporting me 💪🏻 together we can stand up and speak up and refuse to be silenced, no matter how many times it will be taken down, the storm of awareness it has caused rises above,’ she said.

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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