Optometrist discovers SPIDER attached to man’s eye during routine check up

The man had no idea there was anything in his eye!

An astonished optometrist has shared a photo of a patient’s eye showing something spectacularly gross!

An online challenge posted by the Ophthalmic Photographer’s Society has been putting a call our for photos around the theme of Nature vs Ophthalmology – and this one is a clear frontrunner!

The photo shows a close-up of an eye with what is unmistakably a small spider smushed into the white. 

Submitted by Dr. Gabriel Rodríguez, the eye is that of a 52-year-old patient who had no idea that he had a foreign body in his eye at all.

The man is also described as an “amazingly disorganized and unhealthy diabetic”, which the comments reveal could explain why he didn’t know the spider was in there – diabetics suffer nerve desensitivity and if it was in a particular part of the eye he could easily have remained unaware.

The comments reveal other people discovering creepy crawlies in their eyes – one woman claims she was bitten by an ant on the underside of her eyelid while another photo in the challenge shows a dead bee:

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