Popular Aussie ice cream has been recalled

Customers are being advised to return the product.

South Australian ice cream manufacturer Golden North has issued a ‘precautionary’ nationwide recall on nine of their products after metal fragments were found.

SA Health’s Director Food and Controlled Drugs, Dr Fay Jenkins said in a statement: ‘Metal fragments can be potentially dangerous and cause injury if ingested.’

‘Golden North is investigating the issue at its Laura production facility and is working with the regulator Dairysafe to address any issues. The recall includes some Golden North branded products and others it manufactures, which are sold under different labels.’

The recall comes after a consumer discovered metal fragments inside one of their purchases.

Products recalled are sold both at Coles and Woolworths supermarkets.

Recalled ice cream products include:

• Black & Gold 5-litre Vanilla – Best Before 04 Dec 19

• Black & Gold 2-litre Chocolate Choc Chip – Best Before 08 Dec 19 and 12 Dec 19

• Country Style 5-litre Vanilla – Best Before 07 Dec 19, 13 Dec 19 and 14 Dec 19

• Country Style 5-litre Krazy Kolors – Best Before 13 Dec 19

• Foodland 4-litre Neapolitan – Best Before 12 Dec 19

• Golden North 2-litre Vanilla – Best Before 05 Dec 19 and 08 Dec 19

• Golden North 2-litre Honey – Best Before 06 Dec 19

• Simple 2-litre Vanilla – Best Before 07 Dec 19

• Simple 2-litre Neapolitan – Best Before 07 Dec 19

If you are concerned your health may have been effected, contact your local GP.

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