Deadly snake caught in life-or-death moment on camera

The footage is incredible!
Stewy the Snake Catcher

It’s a scene so Australian that you just about couldn’t make it up – a tiger snake with its head cut inside a can of Carlton Draught.

But to Victorian snake catcher Stewart Gatt it was a life-and-death moment as he tried to rescue the snake from the can (and itself) in Wyndham Vale.

Video of the rescue shows Mr Gatt trying to talk the snake into chilling out as it tries to get further in the can and bite the the offending object.

“I know you are in pain…just relax for a minute…do not go further in,” he says.

Eventually, with a little help from his assistants, Mr Gatt frees the snake from the can and places it in storage container for transportation.

He told the Herald Sun that he had been caring for the snake since its rescue and that he expected to release it today.

“All this snake was trying to do was get a drink,” he said.

“At least he is a Carlton Draught drinker, which is good.”

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