Mum’s nightmare as shower screen explodes over 4-year-old boy

He was rushed to hospital with horrific lacerations.

A four-year-old boy from Perth has been hospitalised with lacerations to his body after the shower screen exploded as he washed – blasting him with shards of glass.

His mother, Megan Tilbury, told Radio 6PR that she was laying out Cruz’s pajamas on the bed as her boy showered in the ensuite bathroom a few steps away.

Suddenly she heard an explosion of glass, and the spine-chilling screams of her 4-year-old son.

‘He was just screaming and covered in blood,’ she said.

Megan says her son didn’t touch the glass at all, it simply exploded without warning.

Cruz was rushed to hospital for treatment of cuts to his arms, head, and chest. He’s also suffered muscle damage to his arm.

‘The doctor said he’s lucky he has no eye damage at all,’ Megan added.

Investigations are underway as to how the terrifying event occurred.

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