‘He was half naked’: Salim Mehajer’s strange jail cell antics

The disgraced businessman's cellmate tells all.

Disgraced businessman Salim Mahajer’s former cellmate has explosively told of the two’s experience in jail together, claiming the former mayor is ‘too polite’ and ‘too feminine’ for prison.

Alex Arnold, who shared a cell with Mr Mehajer, has revealed that the former deputy mayor would walk around half-naked. 

Mr Arnold, who spent four days with the disgraced politician in Surry Hills police station, described the pair sharing back massages, and described Salim as ‘lonely but talkative.’ 

‘He was really, really lonely,’ Mr Arnold said. ‘He said he was going to neck himself if they didn’t move someone in.’

‘I don’t know if it was a figure of speech but he had some serious depression,’ Arnold continued. ‘He was lying around in just a towel with no underwear, like one of those Egyptians.’

Salim was arrested on January 23 for allegedly staging a car crash and has been jailed without bail ever since. 

Police claim Mehajer staged the crash in Lidcombe in October of last year in a feat to avoid facing court over an alleged assault on a taxi driver. 

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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