Pedophile child killer’s requested final meal left uneaten

What did he order?

A 43-year-old man executed for killing and raping his girlfriend’s three-year-old daughter in 1993 apparently requested a special meal for dinner before returning most of it uneaten.

Ronald Phillips’ last dinner request ahead of his death by lethal injection was a large cheese pizza with capsicum and mushrooms, Pepsi, and strawberry cheesecake.

A journalist tweeted that he returned most of his final meal.


His execution came amid tense legal debate over the death penalty in the state of Ohio.

Phillips’ execution had been delayed several times, once in order for him to donate a kidney to his mother, another time when fellow death row inmate ‘gasped and snorted’ during lethal injection.

This raised questions about whether the drug cocktail used in injections was able to cause a quick and painless death.

Phillips’ defense said since he was only 19 at the time the crime occurred his youth should be taken into account when sentencing. He also showed signs of remorse.

The family of the three year old have asked people to not forget the crime he committed amidst all the reports about the killer’s death.

‘This is a time to remember my little sister, a little 3-year-old just starting out her life,’ the victim’s half-sister told media.

Sheila Marie Evans
Sheila Marie Evans suffered a brutal death. (Credit: Facebook)

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