Parents tortured their seven-year-old son before feeding him to pigs

Warning: distressing content.
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Seven-year-old Adrian Jones suffered from nearly a year of horrific abuse by his father Michael Jones, and stepmother, Heather Jones before he tragically died from starvation.

Michael and Heather were sentenced to a life behind bars but will be eligible for parole after 25 years, meaning they could walk free one day.

According to the Daily Mail, he starved to death after he was locked inside a shower stall for two weeks. His tiny body was fed to pigs his father had specifically bought to feed Adrian’s remains to.

Adrian ended up in their care after the Kansas Department for Children and Families (DCF) removed him and his sisters from their biological mother – despite his grandmother asking for custody.

During his time under his ‘parents’ care, he was subjected to severe forms of punishment, including being forced to stand up to his neck in filthy water overnight, being beaten, having his hands shackled hands so he couldn’t eat and strapping him to an inversion table, which caused horrifying injuries.

Adrian’s mother Dainna Pearce addressed Michael at Wyandotte County District Court on Monday.

“Adrian was in your care and you took his life from him and tormented him with cruelty. You killed him in the most gruesome, hideous manner,” she said.

“You failed as a father. You were supposed to protect him, love him, kiss away his hurts and show him how to be a great man. But you chose to murder your own flesh and blood.”

Michael and Heather Jones have both pleaded guilty to murder.

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