Gullible readers outraged over toy bar for toddlers including bar stools and beer bottles

There's just one catch though....

Parents are furious at a product circulating online called the ‘Happy Hour Playset’ which resembles a plastic bar, barstools, and even toy beer bottles for children.

The thing is – it’s a complete fake.

It’s unclear where the photo-shopped image came from but one thing is for certain – Fisher-Price are not trying to sell you a bar for your toddlers.

Perhaps more surprising than the concept of the toy bar is that people fell for it – slamming the toy manufacturer in the comments:

Starting bad habits early…cant believe they make this horrible stuff for kids…’ wrote one person.

‘Only in america [sic] does a cooperation think its cool to make little ones think this is ok. This is horrible and we wonder why our family and friends kids have problem with alcohol!’ said another.

According to Snopes, the image is a confirmed fake, and Fisher-Price have stated that it has nothing to do with them in a simple reply to queries about the product on their Facebook wall:

Please know that this product is not endorsed, produced or approved by Fisher-Price.

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