Newborn baby girl found dumped covered in ants

This is horrific.
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A newborn baby girl has been rescued from a rubbish pit covered in ants after being abandoned by her parents. 

The Sun reports the baby is now being cared for in hospital after being found by a tea stall owner in the Indian city of Bhopal. 

A local man discovered her in the bin, swarming with ants, in the early hours of Saturday.

He says, ‘I was shocked to see an infant’s head sticking out of a red polybag. Ants were all over her head and body.’ 

The man says he and his two friends cleared the insects from the infant’s body, wrapped her in a cloth and took her to a nearby hospital where her condition was described as critical.

Police confirmed they are hunting for the baby’s parents.

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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