The surprising new way to get the perfect Champagne pop

Science says you've been doing it all wrong.

It’s the sound that signifies that a party has officially started – and now science has identified exactly what makes the perfect ‘pop’.

According to Dr Eugenia Cheng, of Sheffield University, the most appealing frequency to the human ear is between 8,000Hz to 12,000Hz.

And this sound, apparently, can only be achieved by chilling the bottle to 6.7 celcius.

‘The sound of a cork popping is undoubtedly associated with celebration, but there is contention around whether a pop should be loud and bubbly, or quiet and reserved, and I was intrigued to see what maths could tell us about this,’ Dr Cheng explains.

He found that the best pop can only be achieved by plunging it in a bucket of ice for 40 minutes, which reduces the champagne’s temperature to 6.7 degrees celcius. This creates a pitch-perfect ringing sound instead of a dull thud.

Joao Rui Ferreira, Chairman of The Portuguese Cork Association, who commissioned the research, added: ‘The pop of a natural cork is a special, unique sound, and one that should be celebrated.  Dr Cheng’s research is fascinating, and we hope people enjoy creating the perfect pop this festive season.’

This article originally appeared on Better Homes and Gardens

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