Mum’s addiction sees weight balloon to 153 kilos

She's had her excess skin removed!
Caters News Agency

A mum-of-four has lost a whopping 70 kilos after facing up to her addiction to Minties.

At one point, Judith Pallanza, 34, from NSW, was putting away a kilo bag of the chewy lollies each day. She even packed a family-sized bag to take on her honeymoon!

At her largest, Judith weighed in at 153 kilos but still couldn’t resist the chewing on Minties all day, every day. 

‘Things escalated when I discovered I was pregnant (with my fourth). One night as I polished off another bag of lollies, I calculated how much I spent on them. It was a stomach-churning $700 per month!’ said Judith.

Realising her addiction was not only hurting her waistline but also her purse, she decided enough was enough.

‘I spoke with my GP and he referred me for gastric sleeve surgery,’ said Judith.

After learning that the procedure would reduce the size of her stomach to the size of a banana, Judith went under the knife.

‘Afterwards, I lived on a liquid diet and educated myself on nutrition. By the time I was allowed to eat solid foods again two weeks later, I’d lost seven kilos already!’ said Judith.

Judith 1t 153 kilos and after losing the weight. (Credit: Caters News Agency)

Over the next three months she lost 40 kilos and by nine months she was a size 14.

But even at 79 kilos, Judith wasn’t happy.

‘Years of overeating had left me with an ugly flap of skin that hung off my body like an apron,’ said Judith.

Judith was left with saggy skin. (Credit: Caters News Agency)

After paying $50,000 to have the skin removed and now feels better than ever.

‘I’m now a healthy 83 kilos. My confidence has gone through the roof!’ said Judith. ‘Every now and then I still get a craving for Minties, but one look in the mirror at my svelte body is enough to keep me away!’

Judith today – her confidence is through the roof! (Credit: Caters News Agency)

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