Mum gives birth to four babies in a year

And they’re NOT quadruplets!

Lisa de Vries, a Victoria-based mum, has given birth to four babies within 12 months – and not in one go.

Talking to The Healthy Mummy not long after the birth of her twin toys Nate and Noah, who were born on October 29, 2016, Lisa found out she was pregnant again.

But what happened next was the shock of her life! She ended up giving birth to two sets of fraternal twins in one year!

‘I went from being a mum of three to seven in just one year!’ she reveals.

Lisa tells the publication that twins run on her mum’s side of the family, but as she was already a mum to three children and step mum to three kids already, she wasn’t expecting to find out she would be having twins!

‘When my partner Mark and I found out I was pregnant, it was after a miscarriage. So at the 14 week scan when we were told there was a second baby it was a lovely surprise,’ she tells.

‘I was lucky enough to deliver Nate and Noah naturally when I was 36 weeks, weighing 2.8kg* and 2.5kg. They spent some time in special care but we got to take them home soon after.

‘Saying it was hard would be an understatement, two babies waking for feed though the night was hard.’

Lisa says eventually her and Mark got into a great schedule, writing down their baby’s names and feed times and taking it turns to get up through the night.

‘Mark was amazing and once the babies started getting older, it got easier.’

Lisa was on the contraceptive pill after her twin boys were born but she noticed her periods were becoming uncomfortable.

It also hurt when she lay on her stomach, making her believe she may have developed a stomach ulcer. At this point Nate and Noah were seven months old.

‘Iwent in for a scan to have a check up and I was told I was in fact 19 weeks pregnant with twins again! I would have conceived these babies when Nate and Noah were only three months old,’ says Lisa.

‘On the day I found out I was pregnant and having twins, I found out I was having a boy and girl too. I broke down in tears.

‘Falling pregnant again was definitely not in our plans.’

‘My pregnancy was hard, I was suffering from sickness and needed two blood transfusions as well as an iron transfusion,’ she admitted to The Healthy Mummy. 

‘There is a fear with twins that they do tend to come early, so getting my health back on track was urgent. I spent a week in hospital when I was 32 weeks and then went home and went into labour at 34 weeks.

‘My contractions were painful and I wasn’t dilating.’

Lisa was being monitored from 5.30am and at 10pm midwives found that one of her little girl’s heart beats had increased, so they decided to break her water and she was rushed for a caesarean section.

Her daughter Ruby and son Reagan entered the world, weighing 2.1kg and 2.4kg.

 I can’t believe I went from being a mum of 3 to seven in one year!’ 

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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