Mesh victims disgusted by doctors’ anal sex advice

They've been humiliated further.

Australian victims of the botched pelvic mesh implants say they are disgusted by suggestions they use anal sex to combat their ruined sex lives, or forget about sex all together.

Thousands of women around the world have been fitted with the faulty implants, which cause debilitating pain that is often magnified during vaginal sex.

The pelvic mesh implants were most often prescribed to women to help with incontinence and prolapse caused by childbirth.

A federal class action against the mesh creators, pharmaceutical giant Johnson and Johnson, is currently underway in Sydney. Earlier this month, lawyers for the women revealed an email chain by French doctors in which one said he “would not like my wife to undergo this procedure”.

That same doctor, a gynecologist, also congratulated a colleague for telling women “there is more to life than sex”.

He later went on to say he was reluctant to talk to middle-aged women with pelvic floor injuries about “fellatio, sodomy, the clitoris with or without g-spot”.

On Tuesday, The Guardian published a series of anonymous responses from some of the women involved in the class action against Johnson and Johnson, with many expressing their disgust at the doctors’ take on the issue.

“Our vaginas have been abused by mesh and now doctors are suggesting our anus be abused. Despicable! Only a misogynist could think this way,” one woman wrote, reports The Guardian.

Another said she and her husband were “gobsmacked” when they were dismissed by their doctor after asking about how to improve their sex life while she was living with the painful mesh.

About 700 women are involved in the lawsuit against Johnson and Johnson, with many giving harrowing evidence in court.

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