Man busts neighbour lurking in attic spying on baby

He rigged up cameras to be sure.

A man who was suspicious of strange bumps he kept hearing in the night rigged his attic up with a hidden camera only to bust his 69-year-old neighbour crawling through the attic over his baby’s room.

Jerome Kennedy had thought the odd noises he kept hearing in the night weren’t normal – so he took it upon himself to discover what was really going on.

Rigging up a camera, Jerome was horrified to discover that not only was there a person crawling through his attic late at night – but that it was none other than his elderly neighbour Robert Havrilla.

The footage shows Havrilla climbing through a small space in the ceiling above Kennedy’s 10-month-old baby girl.

Havrilla and the Kennedy’s share a wall, and it’s through the shared wall that the elderly man was able to gain access.

In an interview with KDKA Kennedy revealed Havrilla had put in a false wall, removed insulation, and drilled holes in ceiling presumably so he could watch them.  

‘The only thing I can assume is he’s watching my baby, my wife, or myself,’ he told the station.

Kennedy says he feels ‘violated’ by the actions of his neighbour.  

Havrilla was charged with burglary, criminal trespassing and stalking. His lawyer, however, downplayed the charges saying he had no malicious intent and that ‘it was an innocent situation that is getting dragged out a little further than it should.’

This article first published on New Idea.

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