Live BBC interview hilariously gatecrashed by dads’ kids

Get ready to laugh out loud.

A seemingly ordinary BBC interview has gone viral after the interviewee’s children hilariously gatecrashed the conversation.

BBC correspondent Professor Robert E. Kelly was midway through a live skype interview from his home in Busan, South Korea with the BBC World studio when his cheeky children interrupted him.

A toddler comes bounding in happily, only to be palmed away by unamused dad.

The interview is then disrupted further by a baby in a bouncer, before finally their mum comes in to remove the tear away children.

“Pardon me,” says Professor Kelly, who is a Professor of Political Science at Pusan University in South Korea.

“My apologies, my apologies,” he repeats before closing his eyes in embarrassment.

But the hilarity doesn’t end there, after pulling the children out of the room, the flustered mum crawls back to pull the door shut behind them.

Shortly after, a Twitter user asked Professor Kelly if he could share the interview. Professor Kelly responded: ‘What would that mean, please? Re-broadcasting it on BBC TV, or just here on Twitter? Is this kinda thing that goes viral’ and gets weird?’

With over a million views on YouTube already…yes, Professor Kelly, it is!

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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