Instagram blogger receives death threats over ‘perfect’ photo

'Please remember at the centre of of every viral storm is a human being'.

Instagram model and blogger known as Scarlett London has been bombarded with abuse and ‘death threats’ after sharing a certain photo online.

The 24-year-old took to Instagram to share a photo of herself in bed enjoying a cup of tea alongside strawberries and pancakes.

“The best of days start with a smile and positive thoughts. And pancakes. And strawberries. And bottomless tea,” Scarlett captioned the snap, before adding that it was sponsored by Listerine.

After her image was shared on Twitter, the blogger started receiving abusive messages about the post.

“Why do people think you have to be fake to get likes and follows,” one person wrote.

Others started accusing Scarlett of using tortilla wraps to look like pancakes. 

“Have you seen such a level of fake? This makes me want to delete all social media. Tortilla pancakes hahahha.”

Some also pointed out that her cup of tea was empty, and mocked her for having a blanket with her own photo on it.

Once the abuse got too much, Scarlett took to Twitter to shut down the online trolls.

“Each time I refresh my page, hundreds of new nasty messages pour onto my Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, some of which have contained malicious death threats,” she wrote. “There are now hundreds of thousands of tweets circling the internet, shaming me.”

She continued, “I am wholeheartedly sorry if I’ve ever made anyone feel inadequate through my content.

“My life mission is quite the opposite. I am a strong 24-year-old woman who has experienced bullying in the past. I am and will be okay after this hideous experience. But another young girl or guy as the subject of a targeted hate campaign might not be okay. Please remember at the centre of of every viral storm is a human being.”

This article originally appeared on WHO.

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