Husband goes missing in Bali. Turns out he’s doing this…

His wife was beside herself!
coupleNikki Fox/Facebook

An Australian man has woken up to a “furious newly single wife” after he disappeared for 20 hours in Bali.

Nikki Fox wrote a plea to Facebook friends claiming that her husband Brendon had gone missing in Bali, posting two images – one of her husband and one of the hotel he was supposed to be at for a friend’s 30th birthday. 

“This is where he is staying and I need to send someone there,” she wrote.


Fox added that her worry was fuelled by the fact her husband had been “drinking all day.” 

Quickly after posting, Fox updated followers reassuring those concerned that her “newly single” husband had returned.

Nikki said that thanks to the investigative skills of everyone online, she had been able to find the hotel.

“He went out and lost his phone and only woke up to one furious newly single wife,” she wrote to friends. 

“I’m sorry for posting here but I was so beside myself not being able to reach him since yesterday afternoon.”

Fox finished by joking her husband had a new place to live, “in Bali.” 

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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