How to earn $1100 a month doing nothing

This is genius!
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An app called Car Next Door has made it easy for car owners to get rich by doing nothing!

Melbourne local Michael Tanner earns anywhere from $800-$1100 each month by renting out his Ford transit van.

Tanner rents it out three-four days per week and makes a profit of $500-$700 per week after registration and vehicle expenses are factored in.

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“I’ve got a late-model van that I use off and on for carting plants around. Most of the time it’s empty, so it has worked out very well,” he told News Corp.

“It’s good for me as a small business. I don’t frequently need it but when I need it I just book it.”

The cars cost around $4 an hour or $20 a day to rent.

Car Next Door currently has more than 30,000 borrowers and 900 cars in Sydney and Melbourne.

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